Origem HS-3 Wireless earbuds

Best there is, was or ever will be...

Origem HS-3 with HDR Aniversary Sale
Origem HS-3 with HDR Aniversary SaleOrigem HS-3 with HDR Aniversary SaleOrigem HS-3 with HDR Aniversary Sale

Origem HS-3 

True Premium Sound

Crystal Clear Voice Calls

  Smart Voice Recognition

  Quick Charging

  IPX5 Water-resistant

Camera Shutter Remote Control


Large Soundstage in Small Earbuds

With a combination of 10mm graphene-coated drivers and innovative DSP audio algorithm, Origem HS-3 can provide an experience with depth and placement on most tracks and reveal a very spacious sound. And also Origem HS-3 equipped with aptX technology which reliably improves sound transmission quality via Bluetooth. So the sound doesn’t suffer or degrade from the wireless transmission.


True Voice Recognition, 100% Hand-free

Typical earbuds with Siri or Google Assistant integration require a double-tap to activate. But sometimes, your hands are busy or your situation makes that motion hard to do. Origem HS-3 with built-in voice recognition system helps you to easily activate and control your phone assistant with just a few words.

5 mins charging for 2 hours play

“Power is low, only 5 mins left, I guess music is out for this trip.” Don’t tell me that scenario never happens to you, but with Origem HS-3, this will never be a problem, 5 mins charging for 2 hours using and full charge within a maximum 40 mins

Clear calls, less background noise

Built-in Knowles latest smart microphone with advanced noise cancellation technology effectively inhibit backgrounds noise and allows you to take clear hands-free calls on the go.

Designed to Fit

Swanky but practical around- the- ear design.  Origem HS-3 opts a sturdy nickel-titanium alloy for the earhooks.  Whether you’re commuting in a crowded environment, working out, or chilling at home listening to your favorite music, Origem HS-3 is masterfully designed to never fall off your ears.

Technical Details