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We love music. So we crave to make audio devices that can deliver the best listening experience, harnessing the power of technology.

Origem was established in 2014 by a group of passionate people. We are acoustic engineers, industrial designers, supply chain veterans, and more importantly, adventurers. We never settle for the status quo by making wireless only focused on sound, but rather to turn into a multi-functional acoustic gear. Deeply rooted in the DNA of “breaking the rules, leading the trend”, developing our own patented technology and innovative algorithm for audio equipment integration is what allows us to continue being the leading pioneers in the industry. Building the ultimate user experience also helps us to grow further. What you care about is what we’ll try our best to fulfill, hoping to bring better acoustic gear like you have never experienced before.

In the past years, we've been dedicating ourselves to integrate the most innovative technology to hardware, refine product design to fit all ear shapes for comfortable wearing, and partnered with experienced manufacturers to make the product affordable for all. Now it’s time for us to bring our first multi-functional acoustic gear, Origem HS-3, to life.