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Basic Parameters
1)Total Length: 70cm
2)Weight: approx. 20g
3)Control Buttons: 3 buttons(MFB, Volume + / Previous Song, Volume -/ Next Song)
4)Battery: rechargeable lithium polymer battery 3.7V
5)Low Battery Alarm: 3.0V
6)Working Time: approx. 6 hours
7)Charging Port: micro USB
8)Charging Time: approx. 30 minutes
9)Frequency: 20-20kHz
10)Operating Temperature: -10~50℃
11)Storage Temperature: -20~80℃
Bluetooth Parameters
1)Version: 5.0
2)Profiles: A2DP、HFP、HSP、AVRCP
3)Supported Codec: APTX、AAC、SBC
4)Pairing Name: Origem Carzy Mix
5)Password: none
6)Transmission Power: class II I(-6dBm~+4dBm)
7)Receiving Sensitivity: -92dBm
8)Operating Frequency: 2.40GHz~2.48GHz
9)Bluetooth Distance: 10 meters
1)Press and hold the MFB for 2 seconds, the blue light will glow followed by a “Power on” voice prompt. Red and blue LED lights will flash alternately when the headphones go into pairing mode.
2)Turn on the Bluetooth of your device to search for and add a new device. Select “Origem Crazy Mix” to connect.
3)Once the headphones are successfully connected you will hear “Paired”.
4)Disconnect and Reconnect: Disconnect the headphones manually, there will be a voice prompt “Disconnected” and the headphones will automatically enter the pairing mode; Power on the headphones again to automatically reconnect to a paired device in the list. If it does not reconnect successfully, briefly press the MFB and the headphones will attempt to connect to the previously connected device.
5)Enter the Pairing Mode: In the connected state, triple click the MFB and the headphones will disconnect from the currently connected device and enter a pairing mode. Refer to steps 2 and 3 above to connect the headphones to a new device.
6)Clear the Headphones Pairing List: After turning off the headphones, press the MFB and the “+” button at the same time for approximately 3 seconds. Then turn on the headphones, a flashing light will alternate between red and blue while a “Beep” audio is played. The Bluetooth pairing list will then be cleared.
Manual Pairing
1)The headphones will automatically power off if not paired within 3 minutes.
2)If the headphones are not found by your device, please try to restart the headphones; Press and hold the MFB to turn the power back on, red and blue lights will flash alternately indicating that the device is searching once again for a Bluetooth device.
3)When the headphones disconnect due to exceeding the Bluetooth connection range, they will beep for 2 minutes with an interval of 5 seconds between each beep to notify you of the headphones’ attempt to reconnect to a device within range. If the headphones cannot connect to any device after 2 minutes, they will enter the standby mode indicated by a slowly flashing red-light.
1)Pair the headphones with the first device according to pairing steps.
2)Use the first device to disconnect the Bluetooth connection. The headphones will re-enter the pairing mode.
3)Pair the headphones with the second device according to the aforementioned pairing steps.
4)Manually reconnect the first device to the headphones.
5)Dual device pairing is complete.
6)If you want to play music from another device, just pause the music on the original device and it will switch to the second paired device automatically.
7)Once the headphones have been recorded in the Bluetooth list of both devices, they can be paired with the previously connected two devices without the second step.
Q: How do I choose the tips and wear the earbuds correctly?
  1. Select the size that gives you the most comfort and fits snugly into each ear. You may need to try all four sizes and also need a different size for each ear.
    To fit the earbuds to your ears:
    1)Adjust the rotating earhook to the ideal angle of your ear.
    2)Put the earbud in and make sure the earbud lays just at the opening of the ear canal.
    3)Thread the earhook backwards to fit the auricle to the most comfortable angle.
Q: How do I connect the headset to my phone?
  1. Turn on the headset by pressing Multi-function button for 2 seconds. When you hear “Power on” voice prompt, go to the Bluetooth menu in your phone, search for new Bluetooth device and select “Origem Crazy Mix” to make it paired.
Q: How do I disconnect and enter paring mode with headset?
  1. In the connected state, triple click the MFB and the headphones will disconnect from the currently connected device and enter a pairing mode.
Q:How to use the voice control?
  1. Once connected, just say "Hello VoiceQ" to activate voice control. Note that it is useless to activate voice control when the music is playing, instead you need to pause the music first.
Q: How can I use it to take pictures?
  1. Simply turn on the camera of your mobile phone and press the “+” button to take a picture
Q: How can I connect 2 devices at the same time?
  1. Disconnect it while the headphone is connected to one device. After that, pair the headphone with the second device and then manually reconnect the first device to the headphone. So dual device pairing is complete.
Q: What is the waterproof level? Will they work when I’m in the hot tub or playing in the ocean ?
  1. The waterproof level is IPX5. It should be no problem for hot tub but not suggest to use it when playing in the ocean or sank into the tub.
Q: How do I charge the headset? How long does it take? How do I know when the headset is done charging?
  1. You need to open the charging port cover at the side of the Multi-function button. The charging time is approximately 30 minutes.
    A flashing red light indicates that the battery power is low and you will hear a voice prompt “battery low” every 1 minute.