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Basic Parameters
1)Total Collar Length: 43.5cm
2)Weight: Appr. 37g
3)Charging Port: Micro USB
4)Control Buttons: 5 buttons (MFB, Volume up/Previous song, Volume down/Next song, EQ Switch, MP3 Switch)
5)Battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery 3.7V 180mAh
6)Standby Time: 30 hours
7)Talk Time: Appr. 7 hours
8)Play Time: Appr. 8 hours
9)Charging Time: Appr. 1 hours
10)Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz
11)Operating Temperature: -10~50℃
12)Storage Temperature: -20~80℃
Bluetooth Parameters
1)Bluetooth Version: V4.2
2)Profiles: A2DP、AVRCP、HFP、SPP
3)Pairing Name: Origem Excellent
4)Transmission Power: 4dBm
5)Receiving Sensitivity: -93dBm
6)Frequency: 2402MHz~2480MHz
7)Bluetooth Distance: 15 meters
1)Keep pressing MFB for 3 seconds, until the blue light is on for 1 second and hearing the “Power on” audio message.
2)Turn on Bluetooth on your device and search for or add new devices. Select “Origem Excellent” from the list and pair the headset.
3)Once the headset is connected successfully, you will hear the audio message "Your headset is connected".
4) Disconnect and reconnect: Disconnect the headset on your device, it will enter pairing mode automatically. If the headset has been connected to any device, it will be automatically reconnected to the last device when you turn on the headset again.
Manual Pairing
1)After the connection, continue pressing the button for 5 seconds, until the headset is disconnected and entered pairing mode. Pairing mode will last for 2 minutes.
2)If the headset does not connect to any other device after 2 minutes, it will connect to previous device.
Q: How do I connect the headset to my phone?
  1. Turn on the headset by pressing the Multi-function button for 3 seconds. When you hear the "Power On" audio message, go to the Bluetooth menu in your phone. Search for new Bluetooth device and select "Origem Excellent" to make it paired.
Q: How do I disconnect and enter pairing mode with headset?
  1. After the connection, hold down the button for 5 seconds and then the headset will be disconnected and enter pairing mode.
Q: I am experiencing low sound quality. What can I do about it?
  1. Please change the earbuds to another size that fits you better to make sure the sound does not leak and spread.
Q: How do I switch the EQ mode?
  1. Briefly push "◎" to switch EQ mode and you will hear the audio message prompts.
Q: How do I turn on the LED Light Mode?
  1. Keep pressing "◎" for 3 seconds and you will hear the audio message prompts. Then the headset light begins flash.
Q: Where is the mic located?
  1. The mic is above the volume key "+", just as shown in the picture.
Q: What is the waterproof level? Can I use it for swimming?
  1. The waterproof level is IP65. It is just sweat-proof and water-repellent, but it cannot be submerged in water. Not for use during swimming or other water sports.
Q: How do I charge the headset? How long does it take? How do I know when the headset is done charging?

  1. You need to open the charging port cover at the side of control panel. Instructions(with pictures) are incluede. The charging time is approximately 1 hour. Plug in the USB charging cable and wait for the LED light to turn blue, and then the headset is fully charged.
    A flashing red light indicates that the battery power is low and you will hear an audio message "battery low". The blue light will be on when the charging is complete.