Basic Parameters
1)Total Length:62cm
3)Charging Port:Micro USB
4)Control Button:Three Buttons (MFB,Volumn+/Next Song,Volume-/Previous Song)
5)Battery:Rechargeable lithium polymer battery 3.7V; (70*2) mAh
6)Standby Time:Appro.300 hours
7)Talk Time:Appro.12 hours
8)Music Time:Appro.10 hours
9)Charging Time:Appro.30 minutes
11)Operating Temperature:-10~50℃
12)Storage Temperature:-20~80℃
Bluetooth Parameters
2)Support Protocols:HSP、HFP、A2DP、AVRCP、APTX
3)Paring Name:Origem Mix
5)Transmit Power:Class II I (-6dBm~+4dBm)
6)Receive Sensitivity:-92dBm
8)Distance:10 meters
1)Keep pressing Multi-function button for 2 seconds to turn on the headset,blue light flashing.You will hear the audio message "Power On"
2)Turn on Bluetooth on your device,search and add new device.Select "Origem Mix" from the list and pair it.Once the headset is successfully connected,you will hear the audio message "Your device is connected"
3)Disconnect and Reconnect:Disconnect from the headset,it will automatically connect the device.Disconnect from the device,reconnect the headset on Bluetooth list
Addional Paring Notes
1)The headset will automatically turn off if not paired within 8 minutes
2)If you cannot search the headset,please make sure Bluetooth function is on.If it is still now working,please turn off the headset,then keep pressing Multi-function button until "Origem Mix" shows on Bluetooth list
Multipoint Connection
Origem HS-1 is capable of connecting with 2 devices at the same time,enabling you to use the headset with both devices simultaneously
a. Pair the headset according to “Pairing”
b. Disconnect the connection on the first device. The headset will enter the pairing mode
c. Pair the headset with the second device according “Pairing”
d. Connect the headset on your first device
e. Multipoint connection completed
f. If you want to play music of another phone, just pause the music and it will switch to another phone automatically
Q: How do I wear the winged ear hooks correctly?
  1. When you put the buds into your ears, the pointy end of the wing needs to point forward, towards your face.Press the wing into your ear so it can get a grip and adjust it to find the most comfortable position.
Q: How do I connect the headset to my phone?
  1. Turn on the headset by pressing and holding the middle button on the control unit. As soon as you hear the "Power On" message, go to the Bluetooth menu in your phone. Search for new Bluetooth devices and check if you see "Origem Mix". Just connect to it.
Q: How can I connect 2 devices to this headset?
  1. While the headset is connected one device, disconnect the headset on your device.After that, connect the new device through its Bluetooth menu, then go to the Bluetooth menu of your original device and connect it again. Now both devices are connected.
Q: I experience low sound quality. What can I do about it?
  1. Please change the earbuds to another size that fits you better. This has a huge impact on sound quality and bass.
Q: How far is the Bluetooth range for this headset?
  1. This depends a little. If there are obstacles between headset and phone, the range may be lower. With a clear line of sight you should get about 33 feet.
Q: What is the battery life length?
  1. It depends on the volume. It could last about 10 hours at medium volume. But for high volume, it is about 7 hours.
Q:Where is the mic located?
  1. The mic is at the back of the control panel.
Q: What is the waterproof level? Can I use it for swimmin
  1. The waterproof level is IP67. It is only resistant to sweat and rain, but it should not be submerged. So please do not use it for swimming or showerin
Q: How do I charge the headset? How long does it take? How do I know when the headset is done chargin

  1. You need to open the charging port cover at the side of control panel. I have attached a picture for you explaining how to do it. Plug in USB charging cable and wait for the LED light to turn blue, then the headset is fully charged. This takes 30 minutes. And the LED indicator light is located at the top of the control pane
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